Mystery 17, The Return of Jesus Christ &
Revelation of Daniel’s 70th Week Prophecy

Everything I’m about to reveal did not come by chance, for it took years of extensive study, dedication prayer and fasting, coupled with the inspiration and revelation of many peoples life time accumulated works, that by my reasoning, could only have been made possible by the Divine Will of the One and Only Sovereign LORD God, creator of the Heavens and Earth and Author of the Holy Bible.

In the month of May 1987 I began my endeavour to study science and scripture; for the purpose of expanding my knowledge of God and to prove my belief in that “All that Exists,” is Unified.
Along the way I came to the same conclusion as many others have come before me; which is that in principal, though there appears to be an existence of random acts of chance, in this reality, there exists something much more profound; which is The Mystery Of Synchronicity.

Following is the result of one of those very rare moments in one’s life, when in just one brief passage of time, everything just so Divinely Clicked.
Thank you Lord; thank you.

Michael Banjanin

It was around ’93 or there about, while I was reading the book of Revelation for the umpteenth time, I began to wonder about what I call the Mystery Pyramid in chapter 17 verse 5 (Rev 17:5). Well I was reading an NIV copy at that time which words and displays this particular verse in a triangular pictogram as such,
Babylon the Great
Mother of all Prostitutes
and of the Abominations of the Earth

It intrigued me why it was put in this order. During that period I was also working on the development of a new periodic table design which at that time was already in a triangular format,
(see Since I was looking for a Universal Building Block I thought maybe God was revealing something here to me personally, by bringing it to my attention, especially with the heading being “Mystery.” So I pondered on it for a bit then asked God in prayer believing that one day he would reveal it to me and continued with my research.

Well, many years later in September ’09, I attempted my second real attempt to quit smoking both tobacco and pot. After a month I was doing a bible study with my wife and my cognitive skills at recalling and finding interesting anomalies in the bible, began to improve. Two months later, being seasoned at fasting over the years, I had decided to attempt the longest fast yet. Inspired by Daniel I chose to not eat any food for 21 days, to both detox and loose some kilo’s as well as connect spiritually with God. So I took some time off work and monitored my progress. Out of concern from my wife, agreed to get a health check on day 17 which turned out fine and continued to day 21 then gave thanks to the Lord and broke my fast yet continued to stay away from smoking.

To keep myself occupied I began to spend some time online searching some interests which inspired me to start writing my first book titled,
1, 2 ∞
G.O.D.’s Prime Objective
Introducing Geometric Organised Dimension

which was predominately about my accumulated works in Unified Theory and part biography (a work in progress). Well for the first time in my life I started writing profusely but by the time I reached about page thirty I got side tracked. It was early Jan 2010 and I was revisiting the works of Ivan Panin. ‘The Seventh Seal,’ by F.C.Payne if I remember correctly, was introduced to me by a Christian I’d met in ’95 regarding Gematria (numerical patterns in the Bible) and the works of Ivan Panin. I decided to do a search online for more of Panin’s work when I came upon a link to an amazing site called the Bible Wheel. It was designed by Richard Amiel McGeogh whom also hosted a forum where like minded people could converse. Well thats when the inspiration really started to kick in. It wasn’t long before the interaction online unlocked a cascade of unexercised Biblical knowledge I’d accumulated over the years. Which resulted with the production of some of the most profound as well as prolific writings I had ever achieved. I mean it felt like my mind was on steroids and in those first few months answered about 150 posts (which was unheard of for me). On top of that I’d discovered some missing links to my scientific theory which prompted me to redesign the original table that I’d printed in ’97, to double the size!

All that in just a few months. It was remarkable and all because I’d decided to take one step closer to God as well as do the right thing by my flesh. That was truly the most Divinely Synchronous moment in my life. Yet what stood out the most to me or should I say what left the greatest impact and gave me the greatest satisfaction was the revelation I’d received regarding the Mystery Pyramid. God answered my prayer 17 years later, pertaining to a time 17 years in the future, based on the number 17!

Well needless to say by May of that year I’d finally reached burnout at the age of 45 (which was inevitably building up for years), experienced mid life depression, regressed back to smoking cigi’s and pot and have truly struggled to get back on track ever since.
Looking back. If it wasn’t for that moment of synchronic bliss, that little spark from God, I don’t know.
I seriously couldn’t tell you. One things for sure, this most probably would never had seen light of day if it wasn’t for the grace of God to spare and carry me through tough times. So before whatever, buckle up. I’m gonna take you for a spin!

going back there was really hard for me yeah. Took me Seven Hours to (w)right that wrong. If it’s the last thing I ever write so be it. Just remember, I don’t even consider myself as a real Christians arshole ok! I would just like to get through this, I hope;
One bastard day at a time)

Mystery 17

I’ll recite this in the order it came. In the mid to late 1970’s I watched a program hosted by a well known Australian Actor John Waters regarding Nostradamus’ Prophecies, I was round 12 at the time and distinctively remembered these dates:
– That World War 3 and the battle in the Mid East (by the latest) would be over by the year 2027
– This would usher in the age of Aquarius and a 1,000 year reign of peace and prosperity
– Then Finally this world would end in the year 3127 AD.

Having strong interest in prophecy, I focused on the year 2027, pondering, If Nostradamus is correct then the duration of time from the birth of Jesus to 2027 should align or be significantly related to the final week in Daniel’s prophecy in the Bible. So I did some division and saw that 7 divides evenly into 2023 and 2030. Then I thought a 3 1/2 year tribulation period as in the book of Revelation prior to 2027 fits within the year 2023. So I focused on the divisors,

2023 / 7 = 289. Automatically 289 stood out like a sore thumb, It’s 17 squared.

I’ve heard many arguments regarding date setting either for or against calculating the time of when Jesus promised that he would return and make Heaven on Earth. To put an end to war and suffering.
Some quote,” No one will know the Day nor the Hour of his return,” and that “. . . only God will Know,”
(thus trying to delegitimise and thwart any attempt at the idea of trying to calculate when Jesus shall return.)

This is so, yet Jesus also states regarding the time of his return, ” to look to the heavens for there will be signs as with a fig tree when it drops its leaves, you know that summer is drawing nearer, so too will be the coming of the son of man.”
N.B. (I’m paraphrasing for the sake of expediency, if your reading this version it means you’ve obtained an earlier manuscript of which I still haven’t added the references)

Indeed the narrative throughout the whole Bible insists that the reader. chews the words like a cow chews the cud, they regurgitate it! Never does it say not to look forward, unless the Time was not pertaining to the person being spoken to in the text, but I’ll move on.

Knowing the season or the round about time as far as this last quote is concerned is a clear indication to me that the elect, will notice these things that will come to pass.

So recognising 289 to be 17 squared I looked to see if there was any correlation in Chapter 17 of the book of Revelation in the Bible, when I came across that elusive Mystery Pyramid or Triangle again;
only this time 17 years later under a new light. At that moment I was just getting accustomed to The Bible Wheel website and realised Richard had a Gematria generator that could calculate the numerical value of the script in both the Hebrew and in the Greek.
Take note that the numerical count in both the Hebrew and the Greek alphabets double up on some of the letters with slight variations to distinguish the larger number from the smaller and that both counting systems used 27 symbols to denote 1 to 9, 10 to 90 and 100 to 900.
No big deal you might think.
But when you consider the book of Daniel is the 27th Hebrew Text and the book of Revelation is the 27th Greek text, The phrase “First for the Jew and then for the Gentile,” rings loud and clear, the synchronicity becomes apparent.
The understanding of the Mystery conveyed by Paul refers to the addition of the Gentile Harvest, thus the Rev. Mystery refers to the fulfilment of this harvest. Now the word Mystery only appears in the Second testament, 22 times, the word Mysteries also only appears in the Second testament 5 times. This is a total of 27 times.
Both Alpha/Numeric languages, both books, both words = 27

So I calculated the text as such:

Mystery 1178
Babylon the Great 1380
Mother of all Prostitutes 2764
and of the Abominations of the Earth 3535
Total = 8857 = 17 x 521

N.B. 521 happens to be the 99th Prime Number. Now this is highly significant, in Mathematics going back to antiquity, Prime numbers especially amongst the scholars and scribes were always held in the highest importance and to this day still remain a Mystery.

Now back to the Bible Wheel, what Richard had discovered was that there were geometrical links between the books of the Bible when put into 3 concentric Rings, (see
Through the numerous conversations that were taking place on his sight we learn that observations had been made by others as well regarding dividing the bible into two groups, where the emphasis was particular to the relationship between the First book Genesis and the Last Book Revelation
Previously at the Bible Wheel I’d constructed a combined organisation which not only divides the Bible into 2 and 3 groups but in a Multi Dimensional Rotating Wheel form resembling to a tee Ezekiel’s Whirling Wheels. Below is the two dimensional representation of some of the main groups that I have compiled that been identified in the Bible Wheel,

01. Gen. 66. Rev.
02. Exo. 65. Jud.
03. Lev. 64. 3Jo.
04. Num. 63. 2Jo.
05. Deu. 62. 1Jo. ___ Group of 5

06. Jos. 61. 2Pe.
07. Jud. 60. 1Pe.
08. Rut. 59. Jam. ___ Sub Group of 3 (Total Both Sides 6)

09. 1Sa. 58. Heb.
10. 2Sa. 57. Phm.
11. 1Ki. 56. Tit. ___ Group of 6, 3 + 3 (Total Both Sides 12) ___ Sub Group of 3 (Total Both Sides 6) ___ 1st. Tri Group of 11 (Total Both Sides 22)

12. 2Ki. 55. 2Ti.
13. 1Ch. 54. 1Ti.
14. 2Ch. 53. 2Th.
15. Ezr. 52. 1Th.
16. Neh. 51. Col. ___ Group of 5

17. Est. 50. Php.
18. Job 49. Eph.
19. Psa. 48. Gal. ___ Sub Group of 3 (Total Both Sides 6)

20. Pro. 47. 2Co.
21. Ecc. 46. 1Co.
22. Son. 45. Rom. ___ Group of 6, 3 + 3 (Total Both Sides 12) ___ Sub Group of 3 (Total Both Sides 6) ___ 2nd. Tri Group of 11 (Total Both Sides 22)

23. Isa. 44. Act.
24. Jer. 43. Joh.
25. Lam. 42. Luk.
26. Eze. 41. Mar.
27. Dan. 40. Mat. ___ Group. of 5

28. Hos. 39. Mal.
29. Joe. 38. Zec.
30. Amo. 37. Hag. ___ (Sub Group of 3 (Total Both Sides 6))

31. Oba. 36. Zep.
32. Jon. 35. Hab.
33. Mic. 34. Nah. ___ Group of 6, 3 + 3 (Total Both Sides 12) ___ Sub Group of 3 (Total Both Sides 6) ___ 3rd. Tri Group of 11 (Total Both Sides 22)

Automatically you can see the many symmetries that exist. (For more insight into the development of the Whirling Bible Wheel go to conversations on the Forum dating round January 2010 between Richard and myself).

So back to Mystery 17, I figured, therefore if there is some mirror imaging existing between the books then what shall I find in Genesis chapter 17?
Well it opens with “When Abram was 99 years old the Lord Appeared to Abram.” This is the chapter when God changes Abram’s name to Abraham and Sarai to Sarah and claims within One Year Sarah will bear Isaac .
So now Abraham 99, has a direct link in this chapter 17 with the 99th prime number associated with the mystery calculation in chapter 17 of Revelation.
Therefore after realising there may be more than coincidence here I began to dig deeper to see what I could find. What came to mind was to see what year he was born and when I did the calculations from Adam or Creation it added up to 1948! So what you may say. Well it just so happens to coincide with the year the Jews returned to Jerusalem in the largest Exodus since Moses, as prophesied numerous times in the Bible. Ok then, now there are two links to this puzzle.
Well prior to chapter 17, God First spoke to Abram in his 75th year.
Therefore God First spoke to Abram in the year 2023! Which is 1948 + 75 = 2023

At this stage I was at Least convinced there was some synchronicity going on, but hold on, if the birth of Isaac was to herald symbolically the return of Jesus then he should not return until the year 2048. As well as this I was told of a Jewish prophecy which stated that from one of the Kings 70 Jubilee’s or 70 x 50 years or 3500 years until their Messiah should come which also coincides with the 2048 timeline with a possible discrepancy of 10 years.

But when we analyse carefully what Jesus said regarding his return was that,
“if he did not come back Before his Appointed time, ALL would Perish,” which In my mind brings us back to 2023 a wake up call from God proclaiming 3 1/2 years of 42 Months or around 1277 days of Tribulation!

So back to Mystery 17. When we study the meaning of the chapter 17 it talks about the Judgement about to come upon the Prostitute and of the Scarlet Beast she rides with 7 heads and 10 horns, again this adds to 17. The chapter Later confirms the meaning of the Seven Heads referring to Seven Leaders or kings of seven different nations with an Eighth head joining them. Well in the 1960’s the western world trade alliance had the elite group of countries known as the Global six highest grossing economies of the western world, by the 1970’s it was increased to Seven including Japan, by the early 1990’s Perestroika broke down the barriers in place by the cold war and included Russia even through
huge successive divisions amongst the wealth of the USSR crippled the country, it still remained one of the top seven richest economies and thus entered into the newly formed G8. Never in history has the entire world been so accurately described in this chapter 17 prophecy as it appears in our current political time. Even up to the symbolic hit to the head which not only depicted the break up of the USSR but also the wine stain blemish on Premier Mikhail Gorbachov”s head.

Why Square 17?
Here is an excerpt from a letter I posted back in 2010 on the Bible Wheel to a colleague regarding the Link between scripture, triangular numbers, square numbers and the final catch, I quote:

“Why square 17?
There are 3 places in the Bible that I recollect which highlight the primary order of geometric stacking, ie. triangulated numbers
1. The parable of the sower in Mark 4:8 – 20 “. . .30, 60, 100 . .”
NB. the order in Matt. is reversed and in Luke only 100 is mentioned.

The sequence 30, 60, 100 are proportionally the same as 3, 6, 10 which are Triangular Numbers

2. The counting of the fish in John 21:11 “153”

153 is the 17th Triangular number

3. The word triangle of Rev 17:5 beginning with the word MYSTERY.

You don’t have to be a brainiac to realise God is hinting at something with this last verse in Point 3. But when you tie in the fact that the first two verses are pertaining to the harvest, in both cases he explains to his disciples at different occasions that the he is the sower and people are the fruit and that he will make them fishers of men.

The Mystery verse then appears at the time after Rev 14:14 where Jesus himself is being conveyed a message by an Angel from God, to take his sickle and reap.
(I did a rough calculation and came to the minimum figure of 1 billion gallons of blood or approx. 1 billion averaged sized men, but this is besides the point I’m making.)

Back to Genesis, God created the world in 6 days. God Spoke to Abraham 6 times.
After the 6th Seal is opened the 7th Seal reveals 7 Trumpets
After the 6th Trumpet blasts the 7th Trumpet reveals 7 Bowls of the incense of God’s wrath
After the 6th Bowl of incense is poured the 7th reveals the Last great Earthquake the World has never seen. Also ushering the time of the Destruction of “Babylon the Great” and the Final Battle in the valley of Megiddo or better known as the Battle of Har Megeddon.
A total of 6 + 6 + 6 + 1 = 19 things that happen not 7 + 7 + 7 = 21 things as many people misinterpret the text. This puts an even greater light to the meaning of Creation in 6 days and restitution in the culmination of man/beasts number being 666. As all historians will tell you when a number is repeated in the Bible its significance is greater, when it is tripled it becomes more highly significant again.
Three times and it is sealed, the contract cannot be revoked, this is the Law,
Therefore when God said that 666 is also mans number we must pay attention that after the 6th day God said that it was Very Good, this can only happen when Jesus Returns as promised to restore the Earth and rule accordingly, the 666 refers to the final hour before his return or the literal
3 1/2 years or
42 months or
1280 days,
again a time period repeated three times all pertaining to the exact period of time, so that there can be no arguments as to how long the tribulation shall endure.
Now as to relevance of 19, Revelation Chapter 19 begins straight after the Destruction of Babylon the Great and the completion of the 7 seals, 7 trumpets and 7 bowls of incense which as previously discussed really amounts up to 6 + 6 + 6 + 1 = 19.
19 years represents the moon cycle, where moon worship refers to Satanic influence.
When Israel split after the third king Solomon Both Judah and Israel had a total of 19 Kings each.
The end of the cycle 19 tends to depict the end of a trial, judgement or trying times.
Chapter 19 depicts Jesus coming with multitudes behind him and by the power of his Word (the sword in his mouth) defeats the entire army. The synchronicity here is that previously Judah’s 19 king was carried away by Nebuchadnezzar King of the Babylonians. Now the Roles are REVERSED (classic Atbash Jewish study) where Jesus the King of Kings (and of Judah) destroys the armies and the Kingdom of Babylon the Great.

Now to understand 289 you need to understand this geometric order of triangulation. For when you stack spheres they add as you know 1 + 2 + 3 . . This in itself is not complete. Its like trying to speak Hebrew without the knowledge of vowel pronunciation. There are Gaps between the spheres.

Well when you draw straight lines between the spheres you get an equilateral triangular grid. Check out Diagram 2 in the Points Of Interest on my website
you’ll see the shaded triangles pointing up with the corresponding triangular numbers to its right. You will also notice the white triangles pointing down they represent the missing Gaps between the spheres.

When you count the total area per level the shaded and white triangles (up and down) you will find it will match the numbers of the squares per level on the left of the diagram.

THE KEY now get this. Is found in phasing the two together. It’s like male and female, up and down, right and left, sheep and goats, good and evil. Jesus says not to pull out the weeds until the harvest is ripe! The down triangles are one level behind the ups, or you could say the ups are “One step beyond!” So therefore when you add any two consecutive T No’s together such as: 136 (T16) + 153 (T17) = 289 = 17^2 , it equals the square of the latter or higher T No.

Therefore the LAST TWO (II) complete the full picture. There is a similarity with the Fibonacci sequence which also focus’ on consecutive numbers where the difference to the process is that the any two consecutive numbers sum the total of the next thus fully expressing the code. In both sequences the last two are synonymous with the first two, which just so happen to represent the first and the last or from Adam on the 3rd day to Eve on the 6th day. The first of the living which contains both codes to the last of the living. The A and the Ω. The beginning and the end.

The layers are infinite. Thus as I have quoted last year and have also read here in this forum all scripture is not just made up of singular or dual meanings but rather a plurality of meanings, links and instances. This is why history seems to periodically repeat itself and is so often mistaken as the complete picture when in actual fact it is part of the complete.

Now we go back to Daniel and the writing on the wall. I find it interesting that the only two pictograms that are in the Bible appear most mysteriously in Daniel as a Square or rectangle and in Revelation a Triangle, geometrically the message reads either square the triangle or triangulate the Square either Left to right or right to left, the link is always 17.

A common Jewish term in study is called atbash where the sequence or word appears in a different order (in this case reversed) revealing a code, or a spiritual finger print again showing synchronicity
Also for the prime lovers, the total sum for the first stage of the difference engine regarding Rev.17:5 is as follows:

Mystery 1178
Babylon the Great 1380 1380 – 1178 = 202
Mother of all Prostitutes 2764 2764 – 1380 = 1384
and of the Abominations of the Earth 3535 3535 – 2764 = 771
Total = 8857 Total = 2357 = 351st Prime

So 351 = (T17) or 153 reciprocated, in reverse order (rearranged or atbashed)
2357 also numeralises into 17.

A few more interesting factors:
17(Prime 8) x 521(P99) links to Gen 17 Abe’s 99th year = 8857
17 △ = 153 links the mystery pyramid or △ to the catch John 21 and the triangular numbers to the parable of the sower (30, 60, 100)
(8 x 17 = 136) + (3 x 19 x 153 = 8721) = 8857
(3^2 x 23^2 = 69^2 = 4761) +
(2^12 = 8^4 = 4^6 = 64^2 = 4096) = 8857, numeralised 28 or 7 △.
The link with 69 above and the 69th week.
64 + 69 = 133 = 7 x 19, the 19 year moon cycle links with 28 day month cycle and in particular with the 19 head Demons who formed the rebellion. (Book of Enoch, the source of which was quoted in Jude)
(4761 numeralised =) 18 + (4096 numeralized =) 19 = 37, 13th prime
(17 reciprocated 71^2 =) 5040 + (17th prime 53 x 72 =) 3816 = 8857
Rev 17, 7 heads + 10 horns = 17

Another interesting point is the 66 books of the Bible, when we go back to the biblical division of books I portrayed earlier, one division 6 x 11 books showed the Dynamic of SPIN in the shape and design of Ezekiel’s Whirling Wheels where the fourth wheel acts on the horizontal linking the three pairs of 11 books together. Follow my posts at The Bible Wheel.

N.B. 11 is also the 6th Prime Number, where as 66 is also the 11th Triangular Number

11 which numeralises to 2 written as such 11/2 is known as the prophets number; in Rev. 11 it speaks of the two prophets witnessing to the world. when we count 11 as 2 and multiply it by 6 we get, 2 x 6 = 12. Again back to the previous bible book order after Daniel appears 12 final Prophets that end the First Testament and usher the Second or the new.

Indeed the number 11 is strewn throughout the Bible, is always prophetic and is linked to completion,
from the first divisions and complete balance in creation, to the pillars before the temple and resting on the final two witnesses in the so called 11th hour before judgement and complete restoration. Understanding how according to todays interpretation when discussing the modern day concept of the doomsday clock, the time duration over the decades has shifted from the Eleventh Hour to 11:56, and is slowing down or everything else is speeding up depending on your viewpoint. what is interesting is how similar it is to the observance of Revelation, basically the closer we get to
Zero Point or Ground Zero the more accurate the forecast as well as the more corroborating evidence is found, both are (according to time) traveling on the same rate of exponential increase, prior to the tipping point. It?s a long discussion based on the Universal Dynamic explained in The GOOD Theory, somewhat similar to your time as compared to mine when one is observing the other fall into a Black Hole. More evidences of Devine Design on yet another more Deeper Level.
Indeed they are infinite!

Finally I?ll briefly touch on the Prime objective again by revealing these numbers,
Primes: 1, 3, 5, 11, 17 and 41 (P)
1st 3rd 4th 6th 8th 14th

They all belong to the same group associated with this formula:

n(n – 1) + (P) = (P) number of Prime numbers in sequence,

To me the linking of 41 to this group shows promise in a different study I’d done earlier regarding Jesus’ Genealogy and the mystery of the 3 missing Kings, 41 is also the total number of the Kings of Israel, Saul + David + Solomon = 3 + 19 Kings of Judah + 19 Kings of Israel = 41.
This particular study in it’s self is as epic as this exercise has been if not more so.
I’ll do what I can to rewrite these findings asap into a palatable piece of text that people can comprehend and show some interesting patterns you may not be familiar with yet will be able to see that they are both real and revealing.

So now lets summarise over the key points or Synchronicities:

Nostradamus predicted that world war 3 and the great tribulation will have ended by the year 2027 at the latest and the 1,000 year reign of peace (age of Aquarius) shall begin

Rev 17:5 MYSTERY triangle tells the reader.
– There is something Jesus is revealing here, a hidden secret Mystery referring to the time(s) of when the destruction of Babylon the Great will take place.
– Gematria adds up to 8857 = 521(99th prime number) x 17

Bible scholars agree similarity exists between Genesis and Revelation

Gen 17:1 God confirms his Promise to Abraham in his 99th year links to 521 (99th prime Rev 17)

Abraham is born in the year 1948 from Adam

Isaiah’s prophecy fulfilled, Jews return to Israel in the year 1948 from Jesus

God first speaks to Abraham in his 75th year or the year 2023 from Adam

2023 divided by 7 equals 289 or 17^2

2023 + 3 1/2 year tribulation period aligns with Nostradamus predicting the war is over by 2027

Daniels proven 69 week prophecy accurately predicts the Birth of Jesus,
The Final Week Duration depicting the Return of Jesus remains a Mystery to scholars

Daniel prophecies about the times immediately preceding the return of Jesus

Revelation predicts the same times

The book of Daniel is the 27th book of the First Testament in Hebrew (27 letter alpha/numeric system)

The book of Revelation, 27th book of the Second Testament in Greek (27 letter alpha/numeric system)

The word Mystery appears 22 times only in the Second testament and the word Mysteries appears 5 times only in the Second testament. Thats 22 + 5 = 27 times and only pertaining to the message revealed in the Second testament.

Daniels pictogram Square plus Revelations pictogram Triangle refers to numerical geometric function
to Square and Triangulate the code

The number 17 is the clear key number in Revelation 17
– MYSTERY triangle divides by 17
– Also reveals Global government of 7 heads and 10 horns adds to 17
– 7 and 8th head in Revelation links exactly to G7 to G8 global transition in the late 1980?s
– Squaring 17 reveals one day 289 x 7 (Daniels final week) equals 2023
– Mystery triangle appears in Rev 17:5, 17 + 5 = 22 coincides with the number of times the word Mystery appears in the Bible

Jesus Reveals Triangular numbers regarding the parable of the sower and the HARVEST

Jesus tells his disciples in John 21:11 to count the fish being 153, the 17th Triangular number
and John 21:11 numerically can be interpreted as 21 + 1 + 1 = 23 coincides with the year 2023

From a different perspective The Irish Catholic Pope Malachi predicted accurately 111 popes with synonymous aspects regarding each pope then refers to Peter of Rome the 112th as being the Last Pope before the return of Jesus. Ironically the Irish use the term Malarkey as pertaining to lies, which is the complete opposite from what we can see here with this very different Popes revelation.

To conclude I?d like to express the purpose of why I chose to share this information, well it?s not just for material gain but could do with some financial help so I?ve decided to keep it short, sweet, straight to the point and cheap to purchase online, but if what I share can save a life and get people motivated to join the world wide Disclosure Movement headed by people like,
Stephen M Greer, Foster Gamble, Stephen Quayle, L A Marzulli, Kerry Cassidy, Bill Ryan, David Wilcock, Max Kieser, William Milton Cooper and Nikola Tesla (God bless their souls) Richard Hoagland, John Searl, Marko Rodin, Richard Dolen, Eric Von Danikan, Jacque Fresco, Eric P Dollard, John Hutchinson and Thousands of Fellow researchers and witnesses who have blazed the trail of exposing the truth for the Benefit of Mankind,

then I can surely be rest assured that these efforts were not done in vain!
For these are surely tumultuous times and this whole world not only needs to get their head out of the sands and wake up to what is going on, but also need to be guided to a solution.
I figured during the stock market protests world wide back round 2010, if the Group Anonymous had a political Platform with Reps. that people could have voted for then all that exposure would have converted into votes and their message would have made an impact.
Instead their views fell on deaf ears.

So I’ve decided to create a New Political System and Platform called
Constitutional Law Examination and Reform or The CLEAR Party, a place where we can make a difference through the power of the VOTE, a system designed to enforce Transparency and invert the Power structure,
Very Simple and Effective. So keep your eyes and ears open and if it’s the Sovereign LORD Gods will, then the website will be up and running soon.

So come and join me and Billions of fellow disgruntled voters to put an end to this dog eat dog annihilative system and make this transition to the coming Golden Age.

Well I hope I didn’t Lose you along the way, but by no doubt I’m sure you will agree with me on this one thing;
which is that there is definitely a lot of cud for you to chew on here for a while at least.

May God Bless Your Endeavours and bring revelation to the fullest,
in the name of Jesus Christ his son I pray,

Michael Banjanin
PO Box 980 Melton VIC 3337 Australia
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(C) Copyrite Michael Banjanin 2017
All Rights Reserved

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